I have experienced businesses that will spend thousands on magnificent office desks and furnishings yet use a logo that someone just threw together at the last moment for free. While comfort in the office space is important, a company’s logo is seen by many more people and is the representation of the company. I don’t pretend to think that a well designed logo is all a company requires to drive business, but in today’s competitive market a unique brand goes a long way to separate a company from its competition.

A well constructed logo provides a valuable first impression and is a result of a good concept and good execution. It is a solid piece that serves as an important part of the branding experience. The logo developed for Bois D’Arc Leadership was created to communicate the idea that leadership development is a step by step process. Bois D’Arc trees are very sturdy and hardy. They weather difficult times. There was thought given to the name, the logo deserved the same careful thought to illustrate the business philosophy and strategy.

Typically, when you see an effective logo it is tempting to think it’s small, it’s simple, it’s easy to do. What you are seeing in the final logo is a culmination of calculated steps designed to provide a strong, lasting visual image that is flexible, memorable, timeless and meets the needs of the client. The creation of a logo begins with creative briefs and research, there are then initial sketches and concepts, reflection and evaluation, revisions and that is all prior to the client seeing anything. Once ideas are presented there is more evaluation and possible revisions, color exploration and suggestions. When the final logo is selected you should have a strong visual symbol that will work well with or without color and at any size.

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