Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Dallas Cowboys football game at the new stadium. While the stadium itself is very impressive, I wanted to address the efforts of the Dallas Cowboys to brand themselves. One might think that if a person is at the stadium actually watching the game then branding is not needed. It’s over. They’ve succeeded in getting people to pay to come to the stadium. That is partially true, but the Cowboys are a great example of viewing BRANDING as creating a memory. There did happen to be a football game going on down on the field, but throughout the experience the Cowboys were creating a Dallas Cowboys memory. The audio both outside and inside the stadium are intended to further the experience. The visual presentations on the screen and throughout the stadium are crafted to promote the Cowboys and provide memories. Even the names of the parking lots draw upon Cowboy football history.

The point is that branding is more than the correct silver and blue Pantone colors and the correct usage of a blue star. For the Cowboys it is how each person has the opportunity to interact with employees, to experience the atmosphere and to come away with a positive memory whether or not the game on the field turns out positive.

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