In the past, I defined a BRAND as a memory — Everything you remember about a company, through interaction, what other people say about them, advertising, using their products or every other interaction is their brand for you. With the passing of Andy Griffith recently, I thought back to the Andy Griffith Show and sheriff Andy Taylor. If a brand is a memory then just as every company has a brand, so do individuals. Andy Griffith’s brand was shaped in large part by his portrayal of sheriff Taylor.

Sheriff Taylor was someone I looked up to. He was the key to a smooth running and safe Mayberry. He was a great father to Opie and a true friend to Barney. The opening of the show had Andy taking time to go fishing with Opie. Still in uniform, and not in any hurry, just spending some time with his son. Even when there were crimes to solve, Andy took his time. While Barney would rush headlong into trouble, Andy patiently apprised the situation, made the necessary decisions and saved the day . . . all the while taking care to not embarrass Barney in the process. No wonder everyone in Mayberry and the rest of the country loved him. The world will miss Andy Griffith.

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